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Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments (Ages 8+)​​​


Psychological Assessment refers to the objective measurement of psychological (cognitive, emotional, personality, etc.) traits in order to help come to a decision about an individual and one’s behavior. The assessment will determine if the individual evaluated meets the DSM-V criteria for a diagnosis in an emotional, behavioral or cognitive disorder (e.g. ADHD, Specific Learning Disorder(s), Autism, Depression, Anxiety, etc.).

Neuropsychological Assessment refers to multiple domains of functioning and offers recommendations that are individualized to the child or adult based on their unique cognitive profile. A neuropsychological evaluation can explain why a problem exists and give more specific recommendations as to what should be done to improve performance or accommodate based on one’s cognitive abilities.

Psychotherapy (Ages 18+)

Psychotherapy refers to the use of psychological methods of treatment to improve mental health conditions. Methods of psychotherapy offered include individual therapy services.

Psychological Assessments for Bariatric and Spinal Cord Stimulator Device Clearance (Adults Only)


Bariatric Clearance psychological assessment is required by most insurance companies to ensure that the individual seeking bariatric surgery do not have mental or behavioral disorders that may interfere with long-term weight loss success.

Spinal Cord Stimulator psychological assessment is part of the process to evaluate the surgery candidate’s suitability and the likelihood of successful outcomes after surgery. The current literature suggests that psychological factors such as somatization, depression, anxiety, and poor coping are important predictors of poor outcomes following SCS.

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